Multiple Teams · OHSAA Playoffs: Health Mandates Must Be Followed!

All of our varsity sports at West Jefferson have/will begin to participate in the OHSAA playoffs in the coming weeks. With that being said the West Jefferson Athletic Department is asking for your help once again.

PLEASE wear your masks at all times. PLEASE make sure you are spaced out when attending sporting events. PLEASE do not congregate after sporting events are complete.

The Director’s order in regards to mandatory requirements for youth, collegiate, amateur, club and professional sports that was signed and implemented on August 19, 2020 by interim Director of Health Lance D. Himes states:

“Section C. Facial Covering: Point ii. Spectators must wear a cloth face covering at all times.”

The OHSAA playoffs are very important to our students! Please do not put our teams in jeopardy of possibly not having fans or, more importantly, having a playoff game shut down altogether!